Types of Foods To Avoid While Wearing Braces


Since exceptional oral hygiene is the main target while wearing braces, eating and satisfying your food cravings can become a challenge. A beautiful and healthy smile will be delayed if brackets pop off, bands get loose or even tooth decay and gum disease appears from eating the wrong food. The following foods are important to [...]

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What to Do With a Dental Injury


Dental trauma, as many may commonly refer to it, occurs due to falls, fights, motor vehicle accidents or sporting injuries. Such an injury should be treated as an emergency since it has a serious impact on the health of teeth and gums. Nonetheless, many people find it difficult to deal with such emergencies as they [...]

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Top 5 Ways to Get Rid of Your Dental Fears


There are many people that have an intense fear of going to the dentist. For the most part, they fear the procedure will be too painful to stand. However, it’s important to keep in mind that modern dental treatments have changed things for the better. Now, any invasive dental treatment done by your dentist in [...]

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Important Tips That You Should Know about Your Oral Health


Maintaining optimum oral health is a lifetime duty and responsibility. Although you might have an aesthetically pleasing set of teeth, it is extremely essential to know the right steps that you need to take to prevent dental problems and take care of your teeth. Our dental clinic near you will advise you to choose the [...]

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The 5 Teeth Whitening Myths You Should Not Believe


Teeth whitening in NE Calgary is one of the most popular dental procedures. The good news is, having a bright, white smile is no longer something only your favourite celebrity can achieve. You can too! However, with all those whitening products and treatments available to us, figuring out what is effective, and more importantly, safe [...]

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The Eight Best Things About Ceramic Braces


If your dentist in NE Calgary has recommended you seek orthodontic treatment, you will be pleased to learn that modern advancements have made braces much more comfortable and discreet. We will be discussing ceramic braces in specific as they offer important advantages. Here are eight of these benefits: 1. Ceramic Braces Offer Discretion Do you [...]

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Why Do We Need Regular Dental Check-ups?


Let’s be honest here, your biannual dental check-up is probably not an appointment you’re overly enthusiastic about. But we promise this appointment is more important than you probably think it is. Before you decide to put off your next dental check-up in hopes of saving some money or because of dental anxiety and fear, be [...]

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How Can an Infected Tooth Affect Your Body?


A tooth infection might appear to be harmless, but it is a matter that should always be taken seriously. If left untreated, a toothache can result in dangerous health complications. For this reason, it is crucial that you visit your dental clinic in NE Calgary. Today, we will be taking a look at some of [...]

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5 Things You Need To Know About Mouth Guards


Mouth guards, also known as mouthpieces, gum shields, and bite splints are protective devices for the mouth. Mouth guards are mainly worn by athletes to prevent injuries during sports that require physical contact between players. They are also used for certain dental treatments and for extra protection after oral medical procedures. The concept of wearing [...]

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Do You have a Dental Emergency

Call Now To Book An Appointment!
(403) 278-2945

We continue to receive several emails and phone calls from our patients eagerly waiting to schedule appointments. We anticipate opening the office very soon for emergency and non urgent dental care very soon. I have been taking steps to ensure a high level of safety for our staff and patients once we are open.

We will limit the number of patients in our office at any one given time and make sure that social distancing between patients is followed as recommended by Dr. Hinshaw (Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer) and the Alberta Dental College.

Germs and viruses can spread easily so we want to make sure we are doing our part to protect our patients and staff through prevention measures. We will be having mandatory protocols in place for hand washing, sanitization of workspace and our staff wearing masks.

There will be limited staff available and we will make our best efforts to answer phones from 9am to 1:00 pm from Monday to Thursday to schedule emergency and non urgent dental care. If we do not answer your call please understand that we are assisting another patient or feel free to text me at 403-703-1914.

Please know that the safety of our patients and staff is our highest priority. We want you to feel comfortable the next time you visit our office knowing that we have taken the steps to protect everyone.