Types of Foods To Avoid While Wearing Braces


Since exceptional oral hygiene is the main target while wearing braces, eating and satisfying your food cravings can become challenging. A beautiful and healthy smile will be delayed if brackets pop off, bands get loose, or tooth decay and gum disease appear from eating the wrong food.

The following foods are important to avoid while wearing braces so treatment is not prolonged and your oral hygiene stays flawless.

It might sound meaningless, but crunchy foods like popcorn kernels and ice can free a nightmare. If kernels are stuck between teeth and braces, they can irritate gum tissue and cause tooth decay and cavities.

This also happens with chips, pretzels, and nuts. Our dentist in NE Calgary might even have to remove your braces to remove the residue. Otherwise, your gum tissue might swell.

Tooth decay appears right after eating sticky candies, like caramel. Besides, they might pull off the bands in the back of your mouth.

Popped-off braces can occur while eating corn on the cob. If you love corn, have it cut off the cob first? Same thing with whole apples, carrots, bagels, and pizza. Eating them is not a problem, but don’t bite them with your front teeth; just cut them into small pieces.

These sugary treats fill your mouth with sugar causing tooth decay. Furthermore, biting down on them can break your brackets or bend the wires.

Beef jerky is not suggested because of the force you must apply to eat it. It can break your dental hardware.

Other tough meats, such as steak, might need excessive chewing. This can cause damage to the bands in the back of your mouth. Be sure to cut them into small pieces. Change a protein diet to turkey meatballs, lunch meat, tuna, salmon, tender chicken, and meatloaf. Those are easy to chew and don’t stick to your mouth.

Even pens, pencils, and fingernails can damage braces or get stuck between teeth. They’re not foods; people often chew on inedible things while working or studying. Those can also stain your teeth. You can schedule an appointment for teeth whitening in NE Calgary to keep your smile flawless.

However, you will want to wait until your braces have been removed. This means you should avoid hard, sticky and sugary foods and beverages even if they aren’t on the list. This way, you can better care of your dental hardware and oral health, at least during the length of the treatment.

Some options for orthodontic treatment include soft foods like yogurt, cottage cheese, scrambled eggs, and pudding and fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, bananas, kiwi and steamed vegetables. Carbohydrates like ravioli, pasta, tortillas, rice, muffins, and pancakes are good since they are usually soft.

After putting on dental braces near you, your mouth is swollen and painful. During those first few days, some great food options are applesauce, smoothies, pudding, soup, mashed potatoes, and Jello. All those help ease the soreness sensation and swelling.

To maintain healthy teeth and gums, try to rinse your mouth out after everything you eat. This will wash away any damaging sugars or small bits of food until you can properly brush and floss.

Maintaining a balanced diet keeps your mouth and body healthy. This seriously improves orthodontic treatment results because a proper diet provides essential nutrients for bones and tissues adjusting to changes during braces treatment.

Remember, poor oral hygiene can cause cavities and painful, swollen gums over your brackets.