Four Reasons to Have Your Wisdom Teeth Pulled


Wisdom teeth are a third set of molars in each corner of your mouth that usually emerge in your late teens or early twenties. Our two sets of adult molars are enough for our needs. Humans do not need a third set of molars to meet our dietary needs. Wisdom teeth are generally more trouble than they’re worth. For that reason, most dentists — including dentists in NE Calgary — recommend that wisdom teeth be removed before they cause any complications.

Why do dentists recommend wisdom teeth removal in NE Calgary? We’ll review four primary reasons. If you’re persuaded that preemptive extraction is the way to go, or if you’ve begun to experience the complications of emerging wisdom teeth and want some help, contact our dental doctor near you about what you should do next.

Extraction Will Mean Less Crowding

Over many generations, a human’s average jaw has shrunk. Practically, there simply is not enough room in our jaw to accommodate a third set of molars. To make room for themselves, emerging wisdom teeth often pressure other teeth in our jaw, causing them to get pushed out of position and causing unnatural changes to your bite.

If you wait until after that has happened to remove your wisdom teeth, you’ll have more to deal with than just wisdom teeth extraction. You may also require braces, surgery, or other extractions to repair the damage caused by an overcrowded jaw.

Less Risk Of Damage To Your Other Teeth

Wisdom teeth that push into your jaw can cause more issues than alignment. Because of the tight spaces, wisdom teeth often emerge into difficult-to-reach places tightly against your other molars. They’re often difficult to keep clean, resulting in plaque accumulation and tartar-producing tooth decay that affects your other molars, which — in turn — are harder to reach with new wisdom teeth crowding their space.

Preventing the emergence and spread of tooth decay and preventing the harmful pressure that wisdom teeth can exert against the roots of other teeth is another reason to consider preventative wisdom tooth extraction.

Less Risk Of Oral Diseases

Wisdom teeth increase the risk of tooth decay and gum inflammation, gum disease, and infections that can also spread to the nerves below your gums. Wisdom tooth extractions in NE Calgary are generally recommended to improve oral health.

Reduction in Pain

All the potential complications of wisdom teeth mentioned here come with one common side effect — pain. Considering that wisdom teeth no longer play an important role in our jaw and the seriousness of the side effects they can cause, the ability to eliminate pain, tooth sensitivity, and gum sensitivity that can come with emerging wisdom teeth is another strong factor that favours extraction.

Wisdom tooth extraction is typically recommended between the age of 12 and 25. While there is no right or wrong time, per se, as a general rule, recovery from extraction surgery is easier at a younger age. When is the very best time to have your wisdom teeth pulled? Before they cause any complications requiring more complicated dental procedures to resolve.

Wisdom tooth extractions in NE Calgary are a common step to protect you from future dental complications, even before symptoms arise. Whether you’re thinking ahead with the prevention or looking for a solution to symptoms you’ve begun to experience, contact a dental clinic in NE Calgary with any questions or concerns about wisdom tooth extraction.