Which is Better: Metal or Ceramic Braces?


So, you’re looking to have some orthodontic work done, but with so many options available, where do you begin? Everyone’s dental situation is different, so finding the right treatment for you can be difficult.

Booking a consolation and speaking to our dentist in NE Calgary about your dental situation is a great idea to get started. They’ll most likely recommend receiving braces, especially if you need more serious or complex dental work done.
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Metal vs. Ceramic Braces

Progressions in dentistry, specifically orthodontics, have made it possible for you to customize your braces to fit your preferences and make your treatment as smooth as possible. Therefore, you may want to consider receiving either metal or ceramic braces near you. Both are reliable means of straightening your teeth and will significantly improve the overall appearance of your smile.

To help you, here is a breakdown of the differences and similarities when it comes to receiving ceramic or metal braces in Calgary:

1. Metal braces

Otherwise known as traditional braces, this entails having a metal framework comprised of brackets, arch wires, and tiny elastic bands placed onto your top and bottom row of teeth. They work by exerting continual pressure on your smile, which stimulates bone movement and regeneration.; this is how your smile becomes straighter and healthier.

Many people have received metal braces and will continue to since this method is very durable and effective. And, compared to other treatments, it’s relatively affordable.

However, getting used to when you first receive them will take some time. You must avoid eating crunchy and hard foods for the first week. Your braces will also be visible.

Don’t hesitate to speak with our dentist or orthodontist to learn more about receiving metal and ceramic braces near you.

2. Ceramic braces

In comparison, ceramic, or clear braces, are very similar to metal braces, but the biggest and most noticeable difference is that they blend into your smile. The arch wires can also be fabricated to blend in with your teeth. This is a significant advantage for those who are self-conscious or hesitant about receiving orthodontic care or adults who require braces.

This type of braces functions the same way, and over multiple months, your teeth will move into a better position, allowing you to eat and talk normally.

Ceramic braces tend to acquire more stains than metal ones, so staying away or at least consuming less coffee, red wine, and even strawberries will help keep them looking brighter and whiter. Since more customization is done, ceramic braces can cost much more than traditional braces. Get in touch with our dentist near you for more details.

There is no “best” type of braces. Essentially, it all comes down to your preferences, oral health situation, and what our dentist recommends. You may also want to consider the type of dental insurance regarding cost.

But, with that said, both metal and ceramic braces are extremely reliable. The average orthodontic treatment lasts about eighteen to twenty-one months. Regardless of which road you choose to take, you’ll have a beautiful new smile at the end.

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