Top 5 Ways to Get Rid of Your Dental Fears


Many people have an intense fear of going to the dentist. Mostly, they fear the procedure will be too painful to stand. However, it’s important to remember that modern dental treatments have improved things.

Any invasive dental treatment done by our dentist in NE Calgary will be conducted using anesthesia. Remember that it’s better to come to our dentist for regular check-ups than when you have a huge issue. This way, you’ll be able to prevent more complicated procedures, and you will protect your oral health.

What Can You do to Handle Your Dental Fears?

1. Choose Your Dentist Wisely

You can do a couple of things to assuage your fears before heading to a dental clinic near you. You can ask for recommendations from your friends and family. Also, you can call ahead. This way, you can better feel the practice and some of its staff members. You’ll receive even more information once you visit in person.

Once you visit the clinic, you can see how the environment is and if you feel comfortable. Furthermore, you can speak directly to our dentist. If it looks like they understand and doesn’t judge your anxiety, you’ve probably found the right place.

2. Admit that You’re Scared

Sometimes people have a hard time admitting they’re scared. Instead, they get defensive or simply avoid visiting their dentist in NE Calgary. This could cause huge issues. It’s better to admit to yourself and our dentist that you’re scared of the procedure. This way, they’ll be able to suggest techniques for you to be calmer. Furthermore, once you’ve admitted your fear, it’ll be easier to conquer.

3. Bring Someone With You

Bringing someone with you for moral support can be a very good idea. Whether it be a friend or a family member, this person mustn’t also be anxious about going to the dental clinic near you. The idea is that this person stays with you. You can even ask our dentist if it is okay for your friend or family member to sit in on the procedure. This way, you’ll have someone who can be the voice of reason if you decide to back out at the last minute.

4. Use Techniques To Relax

Before coming to our dentist in NE Calgary, practice some breathing exercises. This is a great way to lessen scary thoughts and your heart rate. Concentrate on your breathing as you slowly breathe in and breathe out. Once you’ve mastered this technique, keep doing it before your appointment.
Another thing you can do is bring something to distract you. You can bring an electronic device, perhaps your phone or iPad, to watch a movie. You can bring headphones to listen to your favorite songs during the procedure.

5. Give Yourself a Prize

You did it! You went to our dentist in NE Calgary, and you survived! It wasn’t that bad, was it? Now, you should treat yourself, whether buying something you have wanted or even visiting the park or the movies. It doesn’t need to be very expensive. This way, your brain will begin associating visiting our dentist with something positive rather than negative. Now, next time you go to our dentist, you know you’ll have something to look forward to afterward.

If you have yet to schedule a dental check-up within the last six months, contact our dental clinic near you today.