The Eight Best Things About Ceramic Braces

If your dentist in NE Calgary has recommended you seek orthodontic treatment, you will be pleased to learn that modern advancements have made braces much more comfortable and discreet. We will be discussing ceramic braces in specific as they offer important advantages. Here are eight of these benefits:

1. Ceramic Braces Offer Discretion

Do you know ceramic braces are virtually invisible? If you select a coloured arch wire, it will provide even more discretion. Even though ceramic braces are made in the exact same shape as traditional metal braces, they have:

  • Smaller brackets
  • Clearer braces
  • Less visibility

If you are in need of dental correction, then ceramic braces can undoubtedly be an attractive alternative. Just imagine, you will not have to feel self-conscious every time you smile or hide your smile in photos.

2. Ceramic Braces Offer Durability

One common misconception patients tend to have is that ceramic braces are “less strong” than traditional braces. Now, although metal is a tougher and raw material, the design and application of ceramic braces have been refined to provide maximum durability. Note, if you chose ceramic braces to straighten your teeth, ensure that your dentist in NE Calgary is highly qualified and experienced.

3. Ceramic Braces Offer Coloured Arch Wires

Your ceramic braces will be constructed from ceramic material that is clear and durable. With that said, you will still have an arch wire that is made from metal. The arch wire connects the brackets on the outside of your teeth. A big metal wire most likely does not sound discrete at all, but do not worry. You will have the choice to select a coloured wire which will blend with your teeth. There are a number of shades you can choose from, including white, frost, and silver. This allows you to correct your dental alignment without the worry of unsightly metal that interrupts your day to day life. You would be surprised just how seamlessly your dental appliance matches with your smile.

4. Ceramic Braces Won’t Ruin Your Pictures

If the perfect Kodak moment arises while wearing ceramic braces, you will not have to miss out on it. With ceramic braces, you will not feel the need to shy away from the camera, unlike traditional metal braces. You will be able to smile with comfort and ease knowing that your soon to be straight smile will look just as lovely.

5. Ceramic Braces Offer Faster Treatment Times

Invisalign is a common alternative to traditional metal braces and offers discreet realignment also. Depending on the needs of the patient, Invisalign can be the ideal option. However, treatment with Invisalign requires you to wear trays for 20-22 hours per day. These custom-made trays can be removed for eating, drinking, brushing, flossing, drinking, and during sports. In some cases, patients who remove their aligners throughout the day may forget to put them back in or lose them. This will result in unsuccessful and prolonged treatment. Alternatively, ceramic braces are affixed to your teeth permanently and offer faster treatment time with an almost parallel level of discretion.

6. Ceramic Braces Offer More Comfort Than Traditional Metal Braces

Ceramic braces are comprised of smaller rounded brackets and metal. They do not cause gum irritation or the same amount of discomfort associated with traditional metal braces. Many patients find them to be more tolerable.

7. Ceramic Braces Will Not Cause Demineralization of Tooth Enamel

Another important advantage of ceramic braces is that they do not demineralize the enamel of your teeth. Technological advancements made in orthodontics have made it possible for ceramic brackets to be attached to your teeth with the greatest bond strength possible. Plus, with the least amount of change to the enamel of your teeth. Additionally, other technologies have created a top-of-the-line bonding agent which prevents demineralization and consequent staining surrounding a bracket. The highest level of adhesive strength should be expected– allowing your braces to stay secure throughout your treatment.

8. Ceramic Braces Offer Easy Removal

When removal day comes, and you have finished your treatment, your appointment will run rather smoothly. That is because technological advances have made the removal of ceramic brackets easier than their earlier counterparts.