The 5 Teeth Whitening Myths You Should Not Believe


Teeth whitening in NE Calgary is one of the most popular dental procedures. The good news is, having a bright, white smile is no longer something only your favorite celebrity can achieve. You can too!

However, with all those whitening products and treatments available, figuring out what is effective and, more importantly, safe can be difficult. To help cut through the noise, we have prepared a list of the six most common teeth-whitening myths we should stop believing.

1. Whitening Your Teeth Will Damage Your Enamel

Could the journey to white teeth be bad news for your tooth enamel? Simply put, no, according to many studies, teeth whitening does not damage your enamel; however, only when in the hands of a professional at our dental clinic in NE Calgary. Teeth whitening near you is a form of dentistry that should only be performed by our dentist, dental hygienist, or dental therapist. So the next time you pass by a beauty salon and see a teeth whitening special, remember that you may be risking your teeth.

2. Teeth Whitening is a Forever Thing

Once whitened, teeth will stay forever white, right? No, unfortunately, the procedure does not work this way. Following your first treatment, the effects of good living will continue to show on your teeth; this includes sipping red wine, coffee, or tea and smoking, which can all lead to staining. But there is some positive news; it is unlikely that your teeth will revert to their original color. Our dentist will recommend that you top up by having a whitening treatment every few months. Plus, try to drink those offending liquids through a straw, as this will help the front surface of your teeth stay whiter for longer.

3. Active Charcoal is The Teeth Whitening Holy Grail Product

We know testing every new teeth-whitening technique you see on social media may be tempting, but it is best to stick with science. According to studies, there needs to be more scientific gravitas to support whether or not charcoal is effective. If you are interested in at-home whitening, we suggest using proven treatments like professional at-home teeth whitening trays supplied by our dental clinic in NE Calgary. Do not forget to boost your grin with a daily wash, such as Listerine Advanced White.

4. Teeth Whitening Will Cause Your Teeth to Become Extremely Sensitive

Overall, teeth whitening should not hurt. If you feel stinging, burning, or irritation in your mouth in any way, discontinue using that particular treatment right away. With that said, a little sensitivity is not uncommon. To manage this, consult with our dentist in NE Calgary about using special formulas. You can also use a daily mouthwash such as Listerine Advanced Defence Sensitive to help relieve tooth sensitivity. Ultimately, this issue will come down to the individual and the products involved, so assess the situation.

5. Whitening Your Teeth Will Make Them Look Unnatural

Most of us want changes in appearance to look as natural as possible. So can having a professional whitening treatment leave you with scarily bright chompers? No- whitening is a progressive treatment meaning that the process is in your control. For example, if you use an at-home whitening system, the more days you wear your trays, the whiter your teeth will become. Not to mention, a finite level of whitening can be achieved, and this will be contingent upon what shade your teeth were when you started.

If you are interested in teeth whitening near you, schedule a consultation at our dental clinic in NE Calgary.