How to Recover After a Root Canal

Root canal therapy in NE Calgary painlessly solves serious tooth infections and saves teeth from being extracted except as a last resort. Root canal therapy is a common and nearly always complication-free procedure. Your dentist will provide you with detailed instructions about how to recover quickly and to prevent reinfection or any surprises. You should follow those instructions carefully, but here are some tips for ensuring your fastest and fullest recovery.

Wait until the numbness has passed before eating

Before your root canal procedure gets underway, your dentist will numb your teeth and gums to make sure you don’t experience any pain during root canal therapy in NE Calgary. That numbing sensation will dissipate gradually, not immediately. While you’re still numb, don’t eat. You won’t be able to tell the difference between food you’re trying to chew and your tongue, cheeks, and lips. Once full sensation has returned, you’ll be able to eat again without running the risk of injuring yourself.

Avoid crunchy foods for a while

Once full sensation has returned after your root canal at a dentist near you, eating again as directed by your dentist will be safe, but avoid crunchy foods. Foods like chips and crackers are bad options while recovering because they might aggravate the parts of the mouth that were treated during root canal. Instead of crunchy foods, eat things like smoothies, soup, and yoghurt during your recovery period. All those soft foods may be a little dull, but they’ll help you recover faster.

Avoid exertion and effort

Root canal procedures are painless, common, and almost always performed without complications. Common and straightforward as they are, though, root canal surgeries are a medical procedure that place stress and strain on your body. You should not physically exert yourself or even return to daily physical activity until your body, jaw, and mouth have recovered. The best idea is to take a few days off from any work and caregiving responsibilities to focus on resting and relaxing while swelling dissipates, inflammation eases, and healing takes place.

Elevate your head

Pain and discomfort in your mouth and jaw after the numbing wears off and while you recover is completely normal. One of the easiest ways to minimize that discomfort is to keep your head elevated whenever you lay down or sleep. Doing so can be as simple as using an extra pillow for a while. Keeping your head elevated will help keep blood from flowing into the inflamed and swollen areas of your mouth.

Rinse with salt water

Salt is a natural antiseptic. You can ease the natural and normal irritation you may feel after root canal therapy in NE Calgary — and help prevent any infection — by rinsing your mouth with warm salted water. Just take a glass of warm, but not hot, water and add half a teaspoon of regular table salt. Stir the mixture to ensure the salt is dissolved, then rinse your mouth thoroughly but gently with the solution, then spit the water out of your mouth. Don’t swallow the salt water.