How to Receive Dental Implants That Fail

Dental implants are a versatile and flexible solution for a wide and ever-expanding list of tooth loss issues. The use of modern materials and techniques allows dentists to provide permanent solutions for patients who have lost natural teeth.

As effective as dental implants can be, unfortunately not every patient’s implant experience is a positive one. Patients who rush into or through the process may face unsuccessful outcomes. You should also take the time to investigate all your options, and trust only a dentist in NE Calgary that will commit to professionalism and care. Here are four ways that the dental implant process can fail.

Falling for a too good an offer

While we will always try to keep costs down and to assist patients who are considering dental implants in NE Calgary, we know that advanced dental implants made with high technology materials are a significant investment of time and money. Dentists committed to professionalism are committed to establishing the value of their products and services, but there are some practitioners who will cut corners.

Don’t fall for a dental implants offer or promotion that seems too good to be true. It may be. The implants may be made from substandard materials, or the dentist may be unqualified to perform the procedure. When considering implants, take the time to investigate options, get recommendations, and to ask any questions you have to understand the real value of the service being offered.

Be patient with yourself

The process of dental implants begins with the planting of new roots in your jaw in the form of titanium implants that will bond to your bone tissue. The process ends with the selection and attachment of a restoration – such as a crown. Don’t rush to the ending. It is important that your titanium post bond completely with your jawbone and that your gums and jaw heal fully before moving to the next steps in the process. Patience, in the beginning, will pay off in the form of a permanent solution. Rushing may lead to premature failure.

Trust experience

This relates to our first point about falling for deals that seem too good to be true. Dental implants are a specialized area of dentistry. Just as you would not take your car’s brakes to a car wash for replacement, you should not receive implants from a dentist who does not have specialized training and experience in the current techniques.

How can you tell if your dentist in NE Calgary has the necessary experience? There are two good indicators. First, they will perform a complete and careful assessment of your teeth that includes an examination and even imaging. Second, your dentist should review your medical history and past dental records before proceeding. If the dentist you’re considering skips either of these steps, move on.

Protect your investment

Many patients require dental implants for tooth loss related to infection or less than ideal oral hygiene. Properly maintained, dental implants in NE Calgary can provide a permanent solution for tooth loss, but they are not a substitute for a renewed commitment to oral hygiene. Neglecting your oral hygiene after an implant procedure can lead to complications and infections, require further procedures later, or even undermine the integrity of your new implants.

Keeping these four points in mind will help you to achieve success in finding a permanent solution for tooth loss. If you’re dealing with tooth loss and ready to investigate permanent solutions, contact a dentist near you and ask to schedule an assessment of your teeth and jaw. Contact a dentist in NE Calgary and ask whether there may be effective dental implant solutions for your needs.