Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening


The 2012 Whitening Survey by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry found that 96% of people consider an attractive smile appealing. The second most common thing noticed about someone’s smile? The whiteness or colour of the person’s teeth. What makes a smile unattractive rather than an attraction? The number one answer was stained, yellowed, and discoloured teeth. Is it any wonder that interest in teeth whitening has skyrocketed? One study projects that people will spend as much as 7.4 billion dollars annually on whitening strips and toothpaste by 2024.

Teeth whitening products ranging from gum to pastes to strips to gimmicks are available at every pharmacy and drug store in most Canadian towns and cities, including NE Calgary. You could easily spend hundreds of dollars to be disappointed in the results. That’s not a reason to settle for stained teeth any longer. It’s a reason to consider our professional teeth whitening near you.

What are the Benefits Of Teeth Whitening in NE Calgary?

Even with good daily brushing, flossing, and mouth-washing habits, teeth get stained in various ways. It’s normal and often reversible. Why should you consider whitening to deal with your discoloured teeth?

  • Whiter teeth mean a more attractive smile and confident appearance
  • Cleaner teeth are about more than vanity; cleaner teeth are stronger and reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.
  • A commitment to clean teeth shows a commitment to good grooming that helps establish credibility.
  • The confidence of a brighter smile and healthier teeth means more successful job interviews, more confident introductions, and maybe more second dates.

What are the Advantages Of having Your Teeth Whitened Professionally by a Dental Clinic in NE Calgary?

Complete satisfaction with DIY whitening products from grocery stores or drugstores is unlikely. But renewed confidence and whiter teeth are possible. Trust a dental clinic in NE Calgary for the safest, most efficient, and best results. What’s the advantage of professional teeth cleaning at a dental clinic in NE Calgary? Here are four reasons to contact our dentist near you if you’re ready for whiter teeth.

  • Your smile will be brighter. Our dentist in NE Calgary will use stronger cleaning compounds and specialized equipment to provide a whiter smile than you’ll ever achieve from a DIY product. The whiter the teeth, the brighter the smile, and the more confident and compelling an impression you’ll make.
  • You’ll see results faster. DIY teeth whitening options require application after application and even then deliver disappointing results, if any. Our dentist will provide whiter teeth within 60 minutes. You’re an hour — not weeks — from whiter teeth.
  • Treatment will be tailored to you. Are your teeth the same size and shape as everyone in NE Calgary looking to whiten them? Of course not. Then why should you use generic, off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all products? Teeth whitening at our dental clinic in NE Calgary will deliver the precisely needed product to the targeted stained areas to remove the specific stains you want to go.
  • It will be safer. Dentists have been trained for years in oral health. Are you? Their expertise will enable them to adjust their compounds to meet your needs quickly… but safely.

Teeth whitening is just one of the wide range of cosmetic dentistry options available from NE Calgary dental clinics. Our dentist near you is ready to hear about your goals when it comes to your oral health and ready to help you get there. Don’t settle for stained teeth or the disappointment of DIY “whitening” products and gimmicks. If you’re ready for a whiter and brighter smile — and a more confident outlook on life — reach out to a dental clinic in NE Calgary and tell them, “I’m ready.”