Are You Looking For a Dentist?


If you’ve moved out on your own, moved into a new neighbourhood or city, or are starting a new family, you have a lengthy checklist to consider. When does the garbage go out? Where should you get your mail? Where are the grocery stores? Where can you find the best coffee in your neighbourhood, and on and on and on? Make sure your list of things to find and confirm includes: find a new dentist.

You may only need to see our dentist three times a year for checkups and annual cleanings, but skipping those appointments or missing out on essential dental treatment is not a good idea. Missing appointments can only result in discoloured teeth, tooth decay, potential cavities, and undiagnosed gum disease. Before you miss an appointment or face any of those risks, we want to help you find the perfect dental office near you. Here are some questions to consider and how to go about your search.

Fifteen questions to consider when choosing a good family dentist

  • Is the dentist’s office located somewhere convenient for you?
  • Can you get to that dental clinic in NE Calgary by public transportation if necessary?
  • Are the clinic’s office hours convenient? Are there weekend and evening hours?
  • Does the clinic offer emergency dental services after hours or at least an emergency contact number?
  • If you or your family require services in a language other than English, does the clinic have dentists and staff who speak your language?
  • If you or your children have special medical needs or issues such as autism, anxiety, or disabilities, does the clinic have the required experience?
  • If you have children, does the clinic have pediatric dentists on staff?
  • If you have relied on specialized dental treatment in the past, is that treatment available at the clinic you’re considering?
  • What payment and financing options are available?
  • Does the clinic accept benefits coverage that you may rely on, and what processes are required?
  • Does the clinic offer cosmetic dentistry procedures you may be interested in (veneers, whitening, bonding, Invisalign, etc.)?
  • What types of X-rays does your dentist take (especially if you are or plan to become pregnant)?
  • Does your dentist have an onsite lab for preparing dental restorations such as crowns and veneers while you wait? Or do they use off-site technicians?
  • What kinds of dental specialists does the clinic have on staff?
  • What are your policies for scheduling, cancelling and rescheduling appointments?

How to find a family dentist for your family

One helpful tool for finding a dentist near you in Alberta is the Alberta Dental Association and College’s “Find a Dentist.” That tool allows you to search based on the name of your city or town or even just use the first half of your postal code. If you’re searching for a specialist dentist, you can narrow your search results to one of ten specializations. The tool does not recommend dentists but produces randomized results based on the criteria you enter.

While that’s a useful tool, you should rely on your network to obtain recommendations from personal experience whenever possible. For example, ask your friends, family, colleagues, and neighbours if they have a dentist they would recommend for your family. Your family doctor or pharmacist may also be familiar with dentists in your area who can help you and your family, too. If you’re moving to a new area and looking for a dentist near your new home, don’t hesitate to ask your current or former dentist for a recommendation.

Once you have identified a potential dentist in Saddle Ridge, contact them to set up an assessment and familiarization session. Let them know you’re looking for a dental office in NE Calgary and would like to meet and consult with them before scheduling an appointment. The staff at our dental clinic in NE Calgary would love to meet you and your family and answer any questions you may have.