10 Benefits of Dental Implants


After experiencing tooth loss, you are faced with choosing different tooth replacement options. There are many options out there, like dental bridges and dentures, but the truth is that there is only one better option than acquiring dental implants in Saddle Ridge. This is the most sophisticated type of tooth replacement, and in this article, you will learn 10 reasons why.

They Look just Like Your Natural Teeth

One of the reasons why so many people receive dental implants is that they look incredibly natural. Our dentist in NE Calgary will ensure that the crown, the visible part of your implant, is the same colour as the rest of your teeth so that it blends perfectly with your smile.

Improved Speech

Many people with missing teeth develop lisps and have trouble pronouncing certain words. This happens due to the gaps between their teeth. After filling these gaps with dental implants, the lisp will go away, and you can speak just as you did before you lost your teeth.

They Make Eating Much Easier

Tooth loss makes it difficult to bite and chew food. As a result, people who have experienced tooth loss tend to limit their diets to soft foods. With time, this can lead to nutritional deficiencies and affect a person’s overall health. This can be solved by acquiring dental implants near you. The implants work like natural teeth and allow you to enjoy various meals.

They Keep Your Jawbone Healthy

Dental implants replace all the parts of your tooth, including the root. By doing this, they constantly pressure the jawbone, just like natural teeth do. This constant pressure stimulates bone growth and prevents the jawbone from deteriorating and receding like it normally does after tooth loss and with other dental replacement options.

They Are Very Durable

Acquiring dental implants may appear to be a little expensive. However, they should be considered an investment since they are durable and can last a lifetime.

They Are Convenient

When compared to other types of tooth replacements, dental implants are the ones that seem more convenient. Unlike dentures, they can’t be removed and don’t require any special care other than good oral health habits.

You Will Look Younger

Another important reason to consider visiting our dental office near you for dental implants is that this dental restoration option can significantly enhance your appearance and make you look younger. Missing teeth give you a sunken-in look that causes you to look much older than you are. By filling the gaps in your smile, you will prevent the atrophy of your facial muscles and the development of wrinkles.

They Boost Your Self-Esteem

Dental implants can make you feel much more confident after improving your appearance and fixing any issues with your speech. After undergoing this procedure, you can smile without any worries.

They Help Preserve Your Natural Teeth

When people have missing teeth, the pressure exerted when biting or chewing is concentrated on the remaining natural teeth, which can wear them down over time. Filling the gaps in your smile can help redistribute this pressure and extend the lifespan of your natural teeth. Also, other tooth replacement options like dental bridges use your natural teeth to anchor themselves, and this can affect them in the long run.

They Are Resistant to Decay

Since they are made of synthetic materials, dental implants are not susceptible to tooth decay. However, this is not a reason to neglect your oral health habits since gum disease can affect the integrity and lifespan of your implants.